Trek America Day 3: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

It was Day 2 in Gatlinburg, and we were all pretty worse for wear after our weirdly brilliant night out. I spent the rest of the trip not being able to move my neck because I had insisted on sleeping on a huge stack of pillows. But anyway, following on from my last post, here’s a couple more of my favourite moments in Gatlinburg.

3) Smoky Mountains Hike

The next morning, we had to be up bright and early for a hike through the Great Smoky Mountains, which is the most visited National Park in the whole of the USA. For good reason. Visiting in Autumn meant we got to see some amazing colours that definitely helped us forget our hangovers.


20161101_115450 (1)


4) Moonshine Tasting

We spent our last night in Gatlinburg in true hillbilly style, moonshine tasting. Moonshine was first legalised in the USA in 2010, and Ole Smoky Moonshine was the first distillery to open in the entire country.


We got to try some really crazy flavours of moonshine, in rapid succession. From cinnamon,  margarita, Shine nog (think Baileys, but extra delicious), apple pie and even moonshine soaked cherries.


I wanted to buy every jar, but decided to go for my favourite which was the margarita flavour.


20161101_211508 (1)

My relentless buying on t-shirts only intensified as time went on… plus I finally got to try candy corn after being fascinated with it since I saw it on Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a kid… BIGGEST LETDOWN EVER. It’s gross.

20161101_162418 (2).jpg


Gatlinburg was most definitely one of my favourite places, and I am dying to back one day. It was so quirky and cartoon-ish, it just didn’t feel like a real place. I love you Gatlinburg!





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